Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Shri Shri Nimishananda Guruji Says - Activate Positive Energy by Practising Equipoise

Activate Positive Energy By Practising Equipoise
29 Nov 2007, 0047 hrs IST, The Times of India ,Shri Shri Nimishananda Guruji

The scriptures clearly define the three qualities of tamas, rajas and sattva present in all of us. Tamas is inertia or resistance to transformation. Rajas is aggressiveness, restlessness or result-oriented action. Sattva is the characteristic of purity inside us.

As human beings, all of us have this wonderful quality which gives us patience, tole-rance and establishes us in a state of utter tranquillity. But our sattvic nature has been pushed to the background. That is why we make no progress in spiritual practices like meditation. Total confusion, problems and worries are the fruits of tamas. Lack of peace or a disturbed mind is the fruit of rajas. Peace, happiness and contentment are the fruits of sattva.

Our sattvic nature is given to us in the form of energy by God Himself. It empowers us to cope with problems in a very systematic way without affecting our mental peace or depleting our humane qualities. It tunes us to Divinity and activates our Soul. Just like we preserve food using a preservative, we should preserve our minds using the energy called sattva. If we want to have unflagging inspiration, zeal, zest and dynamism, we have to soak our minds in sattva.

Sattva gives us the ability to remain unruffled at all times. We interact with so many people. Whatever people say, we should never allow inner peace to get destroyed. If there is a grain of sattva in us, other people's thoughts, words and actions will bombard and kill it if we react to them. Even if somebody accuses you, keep quiet. After a while that person will realise his mistake. When we don't react and become completely quiet inside, what comes out of us is sattva and peace. This is in the form of a vibration. We cannot see it, but we can feel and experience it. These divine vibrations are extremely powerful. They transform people and situations, as no words can.

When we don't react, our sattva acts like a concrete wall and shields us from other people's negative energy. If we react, all that energy will invade us in the form of vibrations. Then we will feel depressed, tired and depleted of energy. Sattva is an armour that protects us from all kinds of negative vibrations, as well as an antenna that attracts positive and divine vibrations. Physical proximity is not requi-red for the transmission of such vibrations. They are transmitted automatically even when we think of a person. That is why, when we pray for somebody's welfare, though that person is far away, our prayers benefit him.

We allow our sattvic qualities to drain away in so many ways - through over-reacting, indulging in negative thoughts and emotions and even through unnecessary talk and gossip. If we want to retain our equipoise, we must avoid such things. The whole point of venerating a guru or god is to increase the sattva in us. We think doing so would resolve our problems.

However, the main purpose is to increase the sattva in us. Sleep replenishes our sattva to the extent of 25 per cent. The guru rejuvenates our sattva one hundred per cent. Selfless prayer, meditation, chanting the holy names of God and spending time with evolved beings restore our sattvic qualities. We must constantly replenish this energy inside us. When we establish this quality in us, God resides in our minds. The vibrations of peace and happiness that we exude will bring contentment and serenity into the lives of all those around us.

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