Saturday, August 30, 2008

Prayer for Harmony

Prayer for Harmony

Prayer for Harmony

Shri Nimishananda youth group in its little effort to Wipe a Tear, Remove a Pain has been assembling at Lalbagh Botonical Gardens every Sunday morning. Here, the Youth Group together pray that Harmony, Peace, Happiness and Joy should prevail amongst all parts of the Divine creation. As divinely guided by our beloved Shri Shri Nimishananda Guruji the youth volunteers chant and meditate on the prayer-
Sarve jana Sukhino bhavantu,
Loka Samastha Sukhino bhavantu
sarva jeeva Raashi Sukhino Bhavantu
Srishti Samastha sukhino Bhavantu.

Wipe a Tear, Remove a Pain -

Dear Friend,

Please find below a message from the Shri Mahadevan who is a Disciple of His Holiness Shri Shri Nimishananda Guruji. I welcome you to join hands in Wiping a Tear and Removing a Pain !

In the spirit of Wipe a Tear, Remove a Pain,


Om Jai Matha....Om Jai Gurudeva...Guruve Sharnam


With Blessings from Paramapujya Guruji, we welcome you to our interactive blog designed to embark on the mission of "wipe a tear, remove a pain”. This blog will go parallel with our shrinimishananda yahoo group. It is created to fulfill the request of our members who want to participate on a more interactive basis using the innovative gadgets. Members can now upload videos, images and also share comments to articles posted.

What we seek from all members is to work closely with us in contemplating on Pujya Guruji's divine teachings and sharing all activities and news related to our mission of wipe a tear, remove a pain. As this is a public domain, we also seek members to be cautious in their sharing in the spirit of charity to all, malice to none.

We will be highlighting on information relating to caring of our body, mind and soul -the divine tools given by our creator for us to achieve our dreams and goals before we merge into the creator’s dimension. Our focus will be on Paramapujya Guruji's divine teachings, health tips, inspirational quotes and motivational movie clips.

So, please feel free to participate and also share this blog - with as many people as possible. Our assurance to you is with Divine Mother's and Pujya Guruji's Grace this blog will be a great tool for the betterment of many lives.


Om Jai Matha....Om Jai Gurudeva.... Guruve Sharanam

Love and Light

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Shri Shri Nimisananda Guruji's advise to attain Freedom from boredom

Shri Shri Nimishananda

Today, as human beings, we are trained to view everything through the faculties of logic and analytical reasoning. This constricts the mind and prevents its expansion. Only when the mind expands can we experience the vibrations of utter peace, contentment, joy and bliss which constantly emanate from the Spirit or Soul within. An expansive mind is a spiritual mind. In fact, when God created the mind, He gave it a natural tendency to remain poised in a state of total tranquility. The most essential prerequisite for experiencing God is to keep the mind calm, stable and tranquil at all times. Unfortunately, most of us are unable to accomplish this. If we watch carefully, we will discover that two factors disrupt our inner peace most often – a fear of boredom and a feeling of enmity.

Whenever the mind has nothing to do, it slips into a state of inner peace, but before it can settle down there, we think – “I’m getting bored. I must find something to do.” Immediately we call a friend, switch on the TV or look for some kind of entertainment. The moment we do this, we nip the blossoming of the mind. Instead, we should postpone the urge to keep the mind constantly occupied, sit still for a while, and allow it to expand. We should tell ourselves –“This is not boredom. It is a state of great tranquility and serenity given to me by God.” If we do this persistently, the mind learns to slip into a natural meditative state where we experience the presence of God. We should do this for at least half an hour everyday. The Sages called this state Sahaja Samadhi.

The innate calmness of the mind is also disturbed by the enmity we harbour. We have imprisoned all those who have hurt or harmed us as our enemies in the mind. They have become our prisoners. We have imprisoned others and others have imprisoned us. We should understand that it is our own bad karma that has invited this set of people into our lives as enemies and break the shackles of hate and resentment by forgiving them. Pray to God for their well being. Set them free from life imprisonment in your mind, and you will also be released from theirs. As long as there is space for enmity in your mind, there can be no lasting peace, contentment or fulfillment in life. When we pray for our enemies, the negative karma that binds us is dissolved and no fresh karma is generated. The mind which has been a palatial prison for negative thoughts and feelings towards others is cleansed. We soak in the ocean of peace and our mind becomes the sacred abode of God.

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"Food for thought"- by Shri Shri Nimishananda Guruji

Shri Shri Nimishananda Guruji

Vedic Seers and Sages from times immemorial have clearly advocated that thoughts generated by the intellect form the very basis of human beings. Our ability to think sets us apart from animals. The way we think moulds our personality and shapes our life. If our thoughts are so important, what is the prime factor that decides what kind of thoughts we think? Our scriptures tell us that our thoughts depend on the food we eat. Some of us may find this very surprising.

Let us delve a little more into this. It is our intellect that gives us the prompt to eat when we are hungry. The whole beauty is that the intellect derives its own nourishment from the same food. The energy from the food goes not only to our gross physical body, but also to our brain through blood and oxygen. The brain which is the reservoir of the intellect, then acts as a tool and generates thought after thought.

The type of food we eat decides the kind of thoughts we think. If our food consists of meat and other heavy foodstuff, then it takes a long time to digest. Such food is called Tamasic and creates sloth and inertia in us, because of which our thinking becomes very slow and our thoughts are filled with doubt and suspicion. This kind of thinking generates innumerable troubles and conflicts in our life which are very hard to resolve. Our food may also be Rajasic or very pungent if it is laced with a lot of spices, onion, garlic and so on in order to satisfy our taste buds. Then the intellect, acting through the brain, pumps out a stream of hyper and revolting thoughts, bringing out anger, fury and obsessions, which are totally contrary to the very purpose of our life. Such thoughts make the path of life base and repulsive.

If our food is Satvic and consists of cereals, pulses, fruits, vegetables, sprouted grains, milk and so on which are cooked with moderate spices, then soft, pure, divine, subtle energy is released from within us. The intellect churns out benevolent, selfless, sublime, peaceful thoughts making our lives pristine and pure. Such thoughts prompt and motivate us to seek our Soul through spiritual sadhana and establish us in tranquility, contentment, enlightenment and bliss by synchronising our vibrations to harmonise with the Cosmic Energy, which is the source of all creation. We will then engage ourselves in action for the well being of ourselves as well as others.

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