Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Receiving and giving with an Open mind


Yet another article authored by Parama Pujya Shri Shri Nimishananda Guruji has been published by the largest circulating News Paper Daily in India. Do Read and transform your lives.


Receiving and giving with an Open mind
To bring in a sense of purpose and improve the quality of our lives we need to look at the nature and working of our mind. The mind is meant to Seers have said that most people's minds are as hard as rock.

The mind is meant to absorb information, transform it into knowledge and lead us to action. Action and speech determine the quality of our life and these come from the mind.

What's the nature of absorption of the mind? Seers have said that most people's minds are as hard as rock. Just as rock is impervious to water, information that falls on a hard mind bounces off without leaving any trace.

A hard mind offers resistance to information and it prevents the flow of knowledge and action. The mind that is as soft and pliable as a sponge would have the capacity for maximum absorption. Just as water can be easily absorbed by the sponge and squeezed out, a soft mind easily absorbs information and allows the creation of knowledge and action. However, a soft or open mind can be hardened and a hard or closed mind can be softened. Hence the need to be alert.

What makes the mind hard or closed? It is said that this is an automatic, front-line defence mechanism for the protection of belief systems based on the state of ego. If we encounter an idea or a situation that is not in line with our thinking, we immediately close our mind by blocking it. This is called mindset.

Ego creates mindset. Mindset is a protective self-defence mechanism because we are scared of what others think, about our notions and beliefs. Mindset is self-destructive. A simple discussion could therefore develop into an argument and lead to conflict.

It is therefore reasonable to conclude that the mere gathering of information is useless. We must transform this to knowledge. The mind must be receptive to be able to perform this conversion efficiently. A closed mind does not allow for progress whereas an open mind would.

How to purify and soften the mind? A pure, soft mind could help us access the Divine life. Thinking positive isn't enough, thinking Divine is essential. Raising ourselves from the level of human thinking to Divine thinking can soften and purify the mind. For this we should review the working of our mind at least three times a day.

Was my mind aggressive or calm? Did my words and actions hurt or bring joy to people? Because an object that slips out of our hand can be recovered, but an inappropriate word uttered cannot be retracted. Self-review will cleanse the mind of all mental dirt. Ideas and inspiration flow freely in a pure mind to transform information to knowledge to use for the welfare of many in the form of an action.

There are three basic steps that men of wisdom have recommended to achieve this: 1) Allow others the freedom to be as they are, without imposing your thoughts and ideas. 2) Have faith and belief that God is in you. 3) Spend some time quietly everyday thinking about your Inner Self and chanting the name of God. This way the mind can help us transform our lives from the mundane to the Divine.

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Sunday, January 25, 2009


The looming hard facts of real life stares at us when we read and hear the news everyday morning about some crisis or the other, some terrorist activity and in general something or the other which is not conducive or healthy to the our mind and hearts. Instead of experiencing peace , happiness and positive vibrations more and more everyday, we find these two qualities dwindling in us and establishing fear and uncertainty more and more.

An inquisitive mind inside us questions how to respond proactively to these intimidating crisis ? The answers to this question in fact lies within each one of us itself. What the mind needs is the fact that realization of divinity resides within the heart through our feelings which are faith, belief and trust in Divinity itself. God sees no difference between living beings. He offers every being His unconditional protection and refuge. He provides space for all creatures under His roof called as the world that is the earth itself. He is one with all beings, He is constantly telling us – “Live and let live.” And this is called as DHARMA or ethical living in accordance with the cosmic law. Unfortunately, 90 % of us are not following the teachings and wisdom of our ancient seers and sages today , making our mind to go into a state of confusion and become destructive, instead of being constructive for the welfare of everybody. In short we are not conscious of the Divine fusion within us.”

We need to be practical in life and practice spirituality on a minute by minute basis which is the answer to today's sorrows. We should let go our selfish motives like asking or thinking what the world has done to us today. Instead, we should think what have we given to the world today for its welfare? What have I contributed today through a good thought, a good deed or a good action? This thinking will lead to good and noble thoughts which start giving us a great amount of joy, happiness and tranquility and removes all negative thoughts and destructive tendencies. We need not be a hermit to become spiritual. We must live in the world and yet remain detached by not becoming possessive about it. That is the key to a good and a noble, successful and a healthy enriched life.

That was how AHIMSA ( non injury ) was established. Love one and all unconditionally. We then not only feel divinity, but also generate and release divine vibrations from us to this whole world which will destroy negative vibrations and destructive tendencies arising out of the other evil minded people thereby destroying their plans and actions coming into effect . This way we can effectively counter negativity and establish peace and happiness in other people’s mind and hearts. We pull ourselves closer to the universal Creator establishing universal Peace Love and Bliss in ourselves. We can also establish it in our hearts and learn to pray universally. As we do this, we draw ourselves closer to Divinity and generate peace and happiness everywhere.

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Dear all

Jai Matha Jai Gurudeva

Our beloved and most revered Parama Pujya Shri Shri Nimishananda Guruji has been featured on the cover of the most popular and widely read spiritual magazine 'Life Positive' in the January 2009 issue, published from Mumbai.

Here is the link to the article- http://www.lifepositive.com/shopping/productdetail.asp?pcode=119

You can visit www.lifepositive.net for buying the issue/subscribing to the magazine.

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